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1. what kind of maintenance requires Brio?


Brio requires less maintenance than a traditional aquarium. Several factors influence the time and nature of the maintenance, but if you follow the manufacturer's recommendations (eg maintain the quality of water, do not put an untreated objects in the unit, avoid  overfeeding fish or exposing the unit to direct sunlight...) we reduce maintenance.
Like anything, a minimal maintenance is required: Here are the guidelines:
Once a week: cleaning windows (even if they appear clean) and add water having neutral pH
Once every two or three weeks: if small  particles of algues appears in the inner areas of the aquarium , slightly clean   with a wipe or a toothbrush
Monthly: check the pH of the water, change the filter and recycle waste to fertilize the garden
Annually: rinse the expanded clay in the garden

2. Should we do water changes?

Brio does not require a water changes if once again, we follow the recommendations. In a traditional aquarium, the water change is necessary since we must remove fish wastes that poison  fish. The water in the Brio flows through the garden space and is filtered by the plant roots.

3. What type of water should I put on Brio?
Whether it is spring water or tap water, make sure the water has a neutral pH. We will never repeat enough how important it is for fish and for Brio to maintain the pH between 6.5 and 7. To check the pH, you can get products from the pet stores or from other suppliers .

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