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Fish & Plants

What kind of fish live in Brio?

Any fish living in freshwater. Most tropical fish require a slightly heated water, in this case, we can  integrate in column a water heater.

What kind of plants can we put in the garden area Brio?

Most of plants who has a good root system and loves water grow very well in Brio, such as herbs (mint, basil, thyme, parsley ...). Choose seedlings, remove they soil and plant them in the garden area. You can also sow.

Can I grow flowers in Brio?

Of course yes, but be careful! If you choose plants that do not like water, such as orchid, make sure you to plant with it, in the garden area,  other plants who have a good root system in order to filter water.If you wish to flourish your plants you must use bulbs for flowers (see the purchase page)

Should I water the plants?

No never! in that way, we avoid all versions that look like: "I over watered my plants" or I forgot to water them ... "

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